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Emus4U is the alternative version of the official iTunes Store but this is not the only one. There are several Apps Like Emus4U available on the internet which can provide you with the awesome features which you have never seen before.

By having an alternative Store you will be able to get all those apps which work on Jailbreak device but you can use them without having a jailbreak. Even though you can get customization applications where you can customize the layout of Control Centre and Notification Panel. Instead of this, you are also able to change the Theme and as well as stock icons with cool and stylish ones.

This is the famous Store for downloading these things but even though there are some apps which are missing in the Emus4U. So, in this way to get these missing you have to use another alternative where you can find them easily and get them to use.

So, in today’s guide, I will talk about some best alternative or best Tweaked App Store which you can get in your phone. Also, you are not required to uninstall the previous one so you can use as many Stores in your device as you want.

Apps Like Emus4U

Please make sure to free up your phone before proceeding because this requires more storage in a case to download additional apps. You can check up your free Storage by going to Settings > About > there you can see Available Storage. If you have enough storage then you can proceed otherwise clear some space and then try it so you can avoid making any mistake during installation.

TutuApp App


This could be one of the best alternative version because it has about 10,00,000+ database of tweaked apps, modded games, ++ & other awesome applications. Even though you will get some famous emulators as well, yes, of course, it has 1000+ emulators available for download.

It comes with two versions a free in which you find too many annoying ads but they can be skipped by tapping on (x) above that advertisement. Another version is VIP which doesn’t contain any type of advertisement so you can enjoy this without getting disturbed.

The famous downloads of TuTuApp till now are the: Spotify++, Tinder++, Pokemon Go Mod.

Tweak Box


It is the most famous and the old version of alternative Store with a variety of cool and interesting features as well. This doesn’t require any jailbreak like other Stores and can be used in iOS 12 or above and the latest version also supports the iPhone X and other new models. If we talk about the features so Tweak Box doesn’t require any Apple account nor it asks you to sign up so just install and keep using this Store.

It is free there is no VIP or paid feature so everything is free for lifetime. Unlimited paid applications from the iTunes Store are ready to download free of cost. The User Interface is updated and now it looks more awesome and anyone can understand it easily. You will also get a 24/7 Team support so if you face any problem simply contact their team and they will hear your problem and will resolve it.

Some most popular Apps on TweakBox which you should also give a try: Deezer, Instagram++, Kodi, Soundcloud.

AppValley Store


Another App Store which is not very old but it is growing faster than from others and now most people know about it and there are millions of users on the internet. This Store supports the version of iOS 8 to iOS 12 and above it has an updated version which now supports the iPhone X and other A12 and A15 processor devices. It doesn’t require any type of account or even jailbreak so you can use it on any device.

AppValley also comes with two versions Free and the VIP just like the TuTu App this also has included too many ads in the free version while the VIP doesn’t have a single app. Another thing is the revoke of the certificate so in the free version your certificate will revoke in 2 – 4 days while in a VIP version it occurs occasionally. You will be charged annually and then you can keep using it for a whole year without getting disturbed.

Most Famous Applications available on the AppValleyGBA3iOS (Emulator), Snapchat++, TikTok++, Minecraft and MovieBox

These are some best Apps like Emus4U which you can easily download and use on almost every device easily. There is no special requirement of this if you are new in the field of alternative Store you should read the Emus4U installation guide. All Stores installation process is the same so read this and follow these same steps to enjoy all these best Stores in your iPhone.

Apps Like Emus4U For Android

So, if you are an Android user and want to use the Apps Like Emus4U in your android phone as well? Then don’t worry this app Store would be a perfect option to get all these tweaked, modded, premium & all sorts off apps just like iOS in your Android phone.


AC Market

The name of this alternative version of the Google Play Store is the ACMarket where you can get all the amazing apps totally free. Even you don’t require to have a Rooted phone because as you know that since the new Android patch update it is almost impossible to root your phone. Also, there are many phones like Xiaomi, Oppo, RealMe & OnePlus which don’t allow its user to root. They lock their bootloaders which are very hard to unlock and that’s the reason why you need a Store where you can get these types of Applications.

ACMarket can be used with the Google Play store so it means you don’t need to disable it or remove it from your phone. It has about 1M+ modified games, modded applications, tweaked and other ++ apps which you can get from here. Also, you will find the premium apps as well so if you just loved an app in play store but that is paid then open ACMarket and get a pro version of it free.

Most Popular Downloads on the ACMarket are GTA SanAdreas Mobile, CoC Mod, VLC Premium, WhatsApp+

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