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Emus4U is the best alternative version of the iTunes App Store which provides you Tweaked, ++ Apps and Modded games as well as the Emulators so you can run other platform apps on your iPhone. So, in today’s article, we will discuss on the famous & best ++ apps in Emus4U which are available to be download.

Before we proceed first let’s talk about what is the purpose of these ++ applications? Why everyone is crazy behind these and how you can run it on your iPhone? If you are mind is also looking for the answer to such a question then you land in the right place.

Basically, these are the modified versions of some famous applications like WhatsApp, Tinder, SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter and even YouTube. Now the purpose behind making these apps is to provide people with more independence so they can do everything they want to.

As you know that these apps come with soo many restrictions, for example, you cannot download the Status of your friend from WhatsApp, you cannot copy some text from the message in WhatsApp, cannot download videos from YouTube and list continues.

That’s why some unknown developers have changed the programs and modify its code so you will use all these restricted features in your App. Yes of course with the help of them you can download the status of your contact, hide your last seen download music from Spotify and almost everything is possible.

Best ++ Apps on Emus4U

I hope after reading the above paragraph you surely learnt what the meaning of this ++. Since these are the modified versions and are from the unknown developer’s users cannot download it from the App Store. This is because it violates the Apple privacy which bans these types of Mods or the Tweaked Apps.

That’s why we need to have an alternative version of the Store so we can get all such tweaks freely. Even with the help of this Emus4U, you can get premium apps totally free, yes you don’t need to pay a penny for this.

Ok, so let’s check the list:



Tinder is basically a Dating app which is very famous around the world so if you are also a user of this Dating application. Then you will surely love when you read the features of it. With the Tinder++ you will get all the premium features totally free now you don’t need to pay a penny to buy a premium version.

The rewind feature is also very cool because most people make mistake during the swiping if you want to swipe left but you swiped right than use it to undo the mistake you just made.

You can even change the location of your application without any issue, this would be a great feature while you are travelling from one place to another. Even though you are able to download the photos from the Tinder application easily.

There is no limit in swiping like in the official version you have limited swipes each day. It has the ability to hide some information and also you won’t see any type of advertisement on it.

Spotify ++

If you are a hardcore music lover just like me then you must have this application installed on your iPhone device. Spotify has the database of around 30 million tracks which are available to listen.

Now the worst thing is that you need to purchase a subscription to listen to these tracks. Even though you have the limit on swiping a song. The total cost of Spotify is $9.99 even though you have the limited skip option which you get monthly.

But with the help of its ++ version, you will get all the premium features free of cost. You can download unlimited songs or save it to play offline as well.

There is no advertisement in it so enjoy streaming your favourite songs without getting disturbed by these annoying ads. You will get all quality of music as in the free version you only listen to the low-quality music but now you can download the best quality and even listen to it.



WhatsApp is the most popular Social Media Messaging app which almost every people use in the world. It is the best and secure way to communicate with your friends or family and it allows video & audio calling as well. Now the problem is that it has too many restrictions like you cannot customize and change the theme or layout. message revoke is best but in some cases, it is the worst feature. Instead of this, there are many other restrictions which every user face while using it as their Social Chatting App.

So, now in the WhatsApp++ version you will be able to get all these features and can do whatever you want with your WhatsApp. Let’s take an example that you change the theme, you can customize the look by yourself, change the icon, change tick style and other customization as well. If we talk about the privacy you will be able to freeze or hide your last seen, hide typing status, hide view status, Anti Revoke feature, even though you can download the status of your friends. There are many other things which yo0u will explore when you use it by yourself.



Who doesn’t know about Facebook? of course, everyone knows that it is the huge Social Media website where you can interact with friends or even stranger around the world. You can share your story, share your thoughts, tag photos and can communicate by text message or the voice and video call as well. Since there are also some restrictions which you will face when you use it on your phone. Like the message revoke same as the WhatsApp, cannot send more photos, you cannot download the videos and many more.

So, now your problem is solved as well because you are now also able to get the ++ version of Facebook on your iPhone. With this app you can copy the video and paste it in your message, share in your story or even save in the Albums. Now you don’t even need a separate messenger app to send or receive the message it allows this directly in your Facebook++ app. It allows you to see the recent uploaded photos or videos instead of the popular. You can even lock your app by using the touch ID or the passcode. Facebo++ can be used in the full screen so you don’t get disturbed while surfing and many more features which you will explore in this awesome mod.

Final Words

As you know that the Emus4U is the most popular alternative version of App Store available on the internet which let you download tweaked apps. ++ apps, modded games and Emulators respectively. Somehow people are still confused about it and don’t know what they can get by using an alternative version of the iTunes Store.

That’s why I wrote this post so users can understand how useful is the Emus4U and what best ++ apps they can get from here. If you are also one of them who don’t know much about these types of applications then I hope y0u understand better now. Somehow if you still have any doubts then feel free to ask in the comment section.

I will be very happy to listen to you and also don’t forget to share with your friends. Because share is care and in this way, your friends can also get the benefits of these awesome applications.

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