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Emus4U is the alternative version of the official iPhone’s App Store where people can download the apps & games.

Since there are many things that are missing in that Store, for example, Mod games, you are not able to download the modded games from the iTunes store.

Mostly there are some applications that allow customization of Apple which is banned in that Store as well. Because of Apple Co.

It doesn’t allow their users to do anything with its stock Operating System that’s why they are removing such applications.

Also, you are not even able to download the ++ applications. That’s the worst point of Apple Company because these ++ apps have too many features if we talk about the official ones.

By using any WhatsApp++ or Instagram++ you will be able to change the theme, hide last seen, freeze last seen, Anti-Revoke and many more which are restricted on the official one.

Even you cannot use the Emulators on your iPhone. It is even worse because everyone should be allowed to use Emulator on their device. Because they allow you to use another operating system’s software on your phone.

For example, if you have an iPhone, you can download Android Emulator and then you can be able to run apk files and install them on your iOS as well. Even though they are some Emulators that help you to run Computer & Mac software on your phone.

What Is Emus4u?


Emus4u configuration based application that is used to download and installed through a Configuration File. So, when you download this app, you first have to download it’s the config file and then you need to trust it from the App Management.

After this, you will be able to see it on your home screen, and then you can launch it and run it like normal software.

These configuration files come in the form of XML which later installed in your phone as a certificate. Every Apple’s app has a specific XML file which already allowed when you download anything from the App Store.

It is totally different in 3rd-party applications because you have to trust that by yourself. Everything is a manual work in it which I will guide you on how you can do so install a Config file and trust it.

Download emus4u

After reading the features if you are going to give a try to this then here is the downloaded link which you can follow to use.

You need to open your Safari Browser because if you open with the 3rd party web browser, you may face some errors. That’s why it is highly recommended to use the official built-in browser of the iPhone named Safari.

Ok so click on the download button below and it will download a configuration file automatically.

Download Emus4u

After successfully downloading the Config File now it’s time to move to our installation process which is given below.

How To Install Emus4U

When you download the file, you then need to follow these below steps so you can avoid making any mistakes during the installation.

1. First of all, you need to open your phone’s settings which can be located on your home screen.


2. After this scroll down and tap on General now again scroll, and then you will find the Profile & Device Management.


3. Open your Device Management, and you will find a new certificate there so tap on that, and you will see an Install button located above.

Profile & Device Management and Install Emus4u

4. When you tap on it, you will be then asked to enter your passcode, so after entering it will again ask you for confirmation. Tap on Yes, and then you need to close settings and then you will be able to check the icon on Home Screen.

password for emus4

5. That’s it Emus4U is now successfully installed on your iOS, and then you can open it and enjoy downloading the Tweaked Apps, Modded Games, ++ Apps & Emulators as well.

Emus4u Installed

Fix & Troubleshooting

Most people may face problems while using this so to help them resolve their issues, and I am troubleshooting some common errors which every user has faced.

Fix Untrusted Developer Issue


This error mostly occurs when you install the app and directly open it from the Home Screen. So, to solve this issue, you need to open your mobile phone’s Settings and then scroll down to the General.

Now here you need to look for the Profile & Device Management. When you tap on that, you will be then able to see all the installed developer certificates on your phone.

From here you have to search for the Emus4U developer’s name and then tap on that. Now simply tap on Trust it may ask for Passcode enter it, and you will see another dialogue message so simply tap Yes, and you can then launch your App from Home Screen.


Fix Blank Screen

This error most of the time occurs when you make a mistake during the installation or skip any step.

So to solve this issue, first of all, delete the Emus4U by tap & hold on its icon. Now you will see the cross mark on the above so simply tap on it, and it will ask you to confirm tap, Yes and it will be deleted.

After uninstalling now simply go above and follow the same installation and downloading steps. Make sure to read the steps twice; otherwise, you will make a mistake again.

How To Uninstall Emus4U

In case if you have just downloaded all your Tweaked, ++ and other apps which you were needed and now you are trying to uninstall but don’t know how to do? Then read this simple guide to easily remove Emus4U from your iPhone, iPad or iPod completely.

First of all, open Settings from Home Screen and then down until you find the General menu. From here, you will see many menus, so you have to open Profile & Device Management. Search for the Emus4U Certificate and then tap on Remove again tap on yes when you are asked for confirmation.


That’s it you have now successfully deleted the certificate and now go to Home Screen. See, no icon is here as well. This means Emus4U is completely removed from your mobile phone.

Why Use Emus4U

There are several reasons to use the Emus4U in which the most & famous reason why people install it is you can download the ++ Social Media Apps.

Yes, with the help of this Store, you are now able to download and run these types of applications of your Phone without jailbreak.

Because previously you were required to have a jailbroken device, but since the 12 updates in the iOS, most people face problems in jailbreaking.

This alternative App Store works without jailbreak, so you don’t need to have Cydia on your phone anymore.

Because when you use the Cydia, your phone warranty gets void. So, in this way you can use it without losing your Phone’s warranty or affecting your device. Even though this is totally free so you don’t have to pay money for it.

Emus4U can help you to download Modded Apps so you can then be able to play Mod games on your phone.

By having these modes, you can show-off to your phone by showing the high score. Also, you get the premium applications from the iTunes Store totally free. Yes, you are now able to get pro versions of apps without having to pay a single penny.


Features -Of-Emus4u

For those who are curious about this alternative, Store can read the features list below. I have mentioned the most useful and the best features of it which you can read to know more about this awesome app.

No Account

To use this Store, you are not required to have an account for this, nor it will ask you ever to sign up. Because most people don’t own an iCloud account so they can now easily download Apps from this Store without having an account.

No Jailbreak

As you know that now jailbreak becomes too hard after the iOS 12 updates. In this way, you can then have this application that runs without having a jailbreak, and also you will get the same taste as in jailbreak but without having it.

Paid Apps

If you just loved an application, but that’s paid, and you don’t have enough money to buy it. Then your problem is solved now as by using this you will be able to download the Paid & Premium Applications totally free.

Tweaked Apps

Yes, of course, you are now able to download the tweaked applications by using this Store. You can now customize your control centre, change the theme, change icons, and do all other customization without Jailbreak.

++ Apps

This is the good news for all the ++ users from Android that you can now download these similar applications on your iPhone as well. In this Store, you can download WhatsApp++, Tinder++, Instagram++, & many other apps that you will discover here.

No Void Warranty

Since this store doesn’t require jailbreak, it means that it doesn’t even void your phone’s warranty as well. Now you can get all the benefits of a jailbroken device without void the warranty.

Cache Cleaner

This feature of Emus4u will allow you to delete the caches from your phone memory. It will help you a lot to increase and free up phone storage because there are many files still remain in our phones even though we uninstall the App. So, now you are able to delete them as well to clear more storage on your phone.

Available for iPad & iPod

It is not only available for the iPhone only but since the latest update, you are now able to download and use it on your iPad & iPod as well. So, get all your favourite features and apps right in your other Apple products.

For PC

You are now able to use this awesome application on your computer as well. So you can now get all the awesome features on your computer as well. This works smoothly on any Windows Operating System from 7 to Windows 10.

Signed Certificate

One of the best things which I love about this is that the App Store is signed by Apple’s developer. This means that you don’t need to get the new certificate again and again as you do in AppValley.

These are some features that you can read, but when you use it, you will then discover more exciting features.

Emus4u App Alternative

If we talk about the Alternative of Emus4U, then we will find too many App Stores. Since a huge list of these alternatives, I am going to discuss some top best similar like Emus4U which I personally suggest you.


Let’s discover these similar Stores with their features:



One of my favourite similar stores, which I love the most. It is a free tool that provides you with the best applications, and it has a database of about 1,00,000+ moded games, ++ & tweaked applications and so on. The most famous download of it is the Movie Box.

Yes, you can now download the MovieBox directly by using the AppValley App Store. This tool doesn’t require any jailbreak so you can run it in your iOS 12 or above. The latest version supports the iPhone X, XS, XR & XS (Max).

By using this, you can even download the best Emulators to play other platform games and applications without any issue. One of the best Emulator which you can download is the GBA4iOS it allows you to play all the console games from Nintendo and others. You will explore more things when you download & install the AppValley on your iPhone.

Tutu App Store


This is also very great similar to Store which provides you with the Premium Apps totally free. Even though you are able to get thousands of Photo Editors, Radio, Best alternative Cameras, and so many other applications.

It would be a great choice for those who love to play games because it has a feature. Everyone is playing where TuTu App will show you all the games which are trending.

So, in this way you can get trendy games faster than from your friends. Also, it has thousands of Modded games that are ready to download and install, and it doesn’t require any special permission. Just install this Store as you do (like Emus4U) and then open it and enjoy the taste of these mod games and other cool apps.



This alternative Store is very old and has about 4 million+ active users who use this app on a regular basis. The Store is famous because of having about 5,000+ tweaked applications.

This is why the developer named it as the TweakBox so you can download these apps and can customize the look of your smartphone without having a jailbreak or Cydia installed.

It contains advertisements that can be easily ignored and closed by tapping on the (x) located above. TweakBox has decent and reliable User Interface, so anyone can operate it easily. Everything is categorized so you don’t face any problem when searching for an App, but you forgot its name.

Emus4U Apk For Android 2020

Sadly, Emus4U is not available for the android users at this time, but in the future, you will surely get an update for apk as well. But wait? Are you still want to get this application? Then there is the way when you get it.

There is an alternative App Store like Google Play Store, which is available for Android users. The name of this Store is AC Market it is a new Store but growing very fast if we talk about its popularity.

It also allows you to download & install the Modded games, tweaked apps & ++ applications totally free. You can also get the Premium or Pro apps without paying a penny. Using this app is very simple; you don’t need to have any special knowledge to use this.

Features of AC Market:

Here is the list of features which you will get when you use AC Market in your Android:

  • You will get thousands of premium applications totally free
  • It will also allow you to get the Mod apps & games as well
  • The root is not required for this
  • You will also get the Tweaked & the modified applications free]
  • User Interface is very neat and clean
  • Works on all Android device running 4.0 or above
  • The latest version now supports the Android 9 P (Pie)
  • Fast downloading as compared to the Google Play Store
  • Everything is categorized in the best way to access everything easily
  • This can also be used in your PC as well

Download AC Market APK

Open this link in Chrome, and it will ask you for permission tap Yes. That’s it now your file will be automatically downloaded in your phone after this let’s now move to the installation process.

Install AC Market on Android

AC Market

Open your phone’s File Manager and then go to the folder where you download the apk file. Tap on AC Market.apk icon, and you see a message saying “Enable Install From Unknown”. Now tap on OK, and you will be sent to the Phone’s Settings now scroll down and Enable the Unknown Installation.

After this go back, and you will see the installation screen so tap on the Install button located Left-Side Below. Wait for a few seconds until the installation completes and then it will be installed on your phone. Now tap on cancel and go back to your home screen and check in the App section you will find the AC Market there.

That’s it now you can enjoy these Tweaked Applications & modded games on your Android phone just like the iPhone. The method is quite simple; there is no hard step you have to follow just read carefully and perform all at the same time.

Best Apps in Emus4U Store 2020

There are so many apps that are available on Emus4U App Store, which you can download. I have listed some best apps which you must give a try at least once. These are the most popular download of this Store which people download mostly.



MovieBox is a free application that allows its users to watch Movies, Drama online. Even users can also download the most rated movies and shows totally free. It is not available on the iTunes Store but doesn’t worry about it because you can now get it from this alternative version.

Simply open the Store and search for the MovieBox in it and then tap on getting. This app will be downloaded and installed on your phone automatically so you will then see the icon on the home screen. Now simply tap on the icon and enjoy the best movies and shows right in the smartphone.

If you are a gaming lover then here is the best thing which this Store offers you. It is an Emulator that helps you to play the famous console games of Nintendo, GBA on your phone.

There are many benefits of using this like it allows you to play these games without jailbreak, you can play multiplayer games, you can play online games, it will sync all your data to its cloud hosting to save your records.

You can even create your own control layout and customize it according to your needs and how you play. After using this, you are not required to have any additional Consoles because it has multi-function which lets you enjoy most of the console games all at once. Even more, features are waiting to be used to download it from the Store and enjoy the best gaming experience on your phone.

Cercube (Moded YouTube)

cercube in emus4u

This is one of the great app available on the Emus4U because this modded version of YouTube is not like the ordinary app.

With this app, you can download videos directly from YouTube; you can download/convert video songs into mp3 format.

Even though you are able to select the resolution so if you want to download a video, choose its resolution and enjoy the fast speed downloading experience.

This app supports English, German Italian and Arabic for now maybe in future developers add more languages in it.

PiP feature will let you play two videos at the same time without pausing one. Auto-Replay could be a great feature for those who love one song and want to replay it again and again.

It is the best app for those who love music and keep downloading the new and latest videos.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After reading the complete features and installation guide if you still have questions in your mind then read out this FAQ list. In this list, I have answered some most asked questions from the internet.

Read these questions with the answer to find a suitable answer for you. In case you become unable to find the answer you are looking for then simply comment down below I will try my best to answer it.

Q1) Is Emus4u is available for Android as well?

Currently, it is not supported by the Android since you can still use a similar app named AC Market. You can read more about this above where I have mentioned the installation guide as well.

Q2) Does white Screen appear when I launch the App?

To solve this issue, you need to restart your phone and try to open it again. If the problem still occurs, then just delete this file and install it again by following the same process mentioned in the installation section.

Q3) Am I unable to download applications from Emus4U?

Please make sure you have a proper internet connection or check if your package is expired. This error mostly occurs when you run out of data or your WiFi doesn’t work properly.

Q4) How can I trust the developer?

The steps are simple, open your mobile Phone Settings and scroll down to General and then Profile & Device Management. Here look for the profile, click on Trust and enter the passcode, you are done now.

Q5) My certificate got revoked? What should I do?

Well, this is not a huge problem, so simply uninstall your current application and install it again. Now trust the developer, your certificate will be renewed.

Final Words

In the end, I would like to say that Emus4U is a great choice for those who don’t want to jailbreak their phones, but they still want customization, modded games, ++ & tweaked applications as well.

The installation process is also quite simple that anyone can install without facing any issue. You can even read it above, where I described all the steps clearly.

Furthermore, it would be great to download premium applications. So, right now, you don’t need to pay a penny to buy any pro versions because you will find them all totally free.

Also, the emulators are available, which is the very best thing for the game lovers. You can discover more cool features when you use it by yourself. So, go and download this amazing Alternative App Store now.


Emus4U is the App Store for iOS only which let you download Tweaked Apps, Modded Games and Emulators without Jailbreak. You will be also able to get the Emulators to run other platform software on your iPhone 2020.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: iOS

Application Category: Apps Store

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