How To Fix Emus4U White Screen Error

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Emus4U is the best App Installer if we compare it to other Stores and is far better than the iTunes App Store. It is famous because it allows you to get the Tweaked applications, Modded Games, Paid, ++ and other sorts of the app easily. This doesn’t require a jailbreak and is the best solution to avoid warranty void and harming your device.

Since this is the best App Store it doesn’t mean that it is perfect as well every app has its pros and cons. So, this is the same with Emus4U it has some bugs which almost every user has faced once. In this guide, I will troubleshoot some of these errors so you can use the app peacefully.

Some most errors which have everyone faced is the Black Screen, Unable to trust developers, SSL error and many more. So, keep reading the post and don’t miss any step otherwise you may not solve the issue or even made other mistakes.

Emus4U Not Working – How to Fix Errors

Emus4U Not Working

So, finally, I have collected some errors which occur mostly and people have reported about this on the internet. If I found any other error or the fix then I will also add it here. In case if you found any other error then please make sure to ask in the comment section I would love to help you & fix the issue.

Cannot Download Apps From Emus4U

If you are having a problem while downloading the app from the Emus4U or when it is downloading and suddenly it says unable to install. Then here are some fixes which you can implement to solve this problem.

Fix 1: Clear Cache & Data

  1. Open your mobile phone Settings and then scroll down to apps.
  2. Now select the Emus4U from the applications list and then you see two options Clear Cache Clear Data.
  3. Tap on these both separately and you will see a message asking for confirmation tap Yes
  4. Now go back to your home screen and then launch Emus4U and then try to install the app again.

Fix 2: Install Emus4U Again

  • In case if the above fix doesn’t work and you are still unable to download apps after Clearing Data or Cache then try this one.
  • Just delete the Emus4U app by tap & hold on the icon and then tap on the cross mark (x)
  • Now Reboot your mobile phone after that go to the Emus4U website and download the latest version.
  • Follow all the installation steps and then you will be able to get apps from App Store

Fix 3: Network Restore

Most people face this problem because of the network, sometimes WiFi doesn’t work or they run out of data. So if your WiFi is working perfectly then restoring the Network will be a useful step.

  • Ok so, first of all, open your Phone’s Settings from the home screen
  • Then go to the General by scrolling down
  • Now move to the Restore and here you see Restore Network Settings tap on it and then it asks for confirmation
  • Tap Yes when restoring completes reboot device and try to download apps.

Emus4U White Screen or Blank Screen

Fix Emus4U White Screen Error

This error is very well known among the users and the fix is also very simple. So, follow the below steps to solve the Blank Screen issue on your iPhone

1. Open your mobile phone settings and then scroll down and tap on Safari

2. In Safari tap on the Clear Website Data and it will ask for permission then tap on Yes

3. Now simply close Settings and reboot your device. After reboot opens the Emus4U and Voila no more blank or White Screen.

SSL Error

This is a very rare error and only some people have reported about this bug when they try to download the Store. So, if you have faced that then you can resolve it by following the below steps.

1. Ok, so, first of all, close the Tabs in Safari Web Browser and then close the App As well.

2. Also, don’t forget to close all the applications if they are running in the background

3. After you close all the apps now simply Reboot your phone and then go to the Emus4U website and try to download the App Again.

That’s it you won’t see the SSL error again and it is the only fix which you can apply. If it doesn’t solve your issue then implement all the steps and then wait for 1 – 3 hours and then give a try to it. This time it will surely work for you and you can then be able to download the App Store.

Untrusted Developer Issue

Untrusted Developer Issue

This is not a very big issue this most probably appears when most people don’t trust the developer profile. Almost people directly open the app when they download the Emus4U which is a wrong way.

Ok, so if you are just facing this issue then you can resolve it by following below steps:

1. Open your mobile phone Settings and then scroll down to the General

2. Now simply open the Device & Profile Management and you will find all the profiles there

3. Look for the Emus4U profile and then tap on Install. It may ask for the passcode so simply add this as well and then again tap on Trust.

Now your profile will be installed and trusted by you. So, close the Settings and go back to Home Screen now try to open the Emus4U and you will see that it is working fine and you don’t get the Untrusted Developer Issue anymore.

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