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If you are going to ask any questions, first of all, read this frequently asked questions about the Emus4U App Store for iOS. After reading this you will learn even more about this alternative version and even though you can find the relevant answer to your questions.

Somehow if you don’t find the right question or the relevant answer or maybe still have any doubts. Then don’t hesitate to comment down below with your question. I would love to hear from you and even though I will try my best to answer your question and help to resolve any issue you are facing.


So, let’s check out the FAQ list:

What is Emu4U?

  • Emus4U is the alternative version of iTunes App Store where you can download thousands of Tweaked applications free. The best feature of this is that you can even download the paid applications totally free.

How to download Emus4U?

  • The downloading is very simple so all you need to do is click on this link and scroll down when you see download button. Tap on it and it will be downloaded automatically now you need to open Settings > General > Profil & Device Management Trust the developer. That’s it you are done now you can use this as an ordinary App Store.

Is it illegal to use it?

  • Because it doesn’t violate the terms & conditions of Apple’s privacy this makes it 100% legal and reliable. If it was illegal then you even aren’t able to install it on your device so you can use it safely.

Is this Store is safe?

  • Yes, of course, it is safe to use with any iPhone device running iOS 12 or above. This will never ever read your personal files or steal it neither anyone has reported about this.

How to trust the Emus4U developer profile?

  • To do so you need to open mobile phone’s Settings and then scroll down to General from here you can open Profile & Device Management. Now search for the Emus4U profile and tap on Trust enter the passcode if asks and you are done.

What are the best features of this alternative App Store?

This is one of the best alternative available for the iPhone users if we talk about its features then we can describe it as.

  • Download Paid Apps Free
  • Download Tweaked Applications
  • You can download Modded Games
  • ++ Apps are also available
  • Doesn’t require Jailbreak
  • & much more you will discover by yourself.

How to fix the untrusted developer issue?

This probably occurs when you install the app from the download link and then open it immediately. So, to solve this issue open mobile phone Settings > General & Device & Profile Management. Here you will find all installed certificate find the Emus4U developer and tap on Trust.

Trust allow in emus4u

Will Emus4u void my iPhone warranty?

  • The answer will be No. Because it doesn’t require you to have a jailbroken device that means your warranty is still safe. When you jailbreak your device then it voids your warranty but for this, it will never be void.

How can I download Emulators from Emus4U?

  • There are many Emulators are available which can be downloaded easily from this Store. So, the first method is if you already know the name of Emulator simply search for it in the search bar and you can find the result. If not then there is a category for Emulators where you can find all the emulators available on this App Store.

What is an Emulator?

  • Emulators are basically programs which help you to run other platform app or software to your phone. For example, if you own an iOS and you want to run an Android app then you can use it by using the Emulator. Even though some Emulators allows you to run Windows & Mac software and some of them let you play Console Games.

Unable to connect Emus4U server?

  • This error occurs mostly when you run out of data or you have a limited internet connection so first make sure to check your connection. If the problem still exists just clear the data or remove the app completely and install it again.

App Crashed when launching what to do?

  • You face this problem when you install app incorrectly or your device Ram is almost full. So, first, make sure to free up some Storage and then try to launch again. If it is still crashing then reboot your phone and your issue will be solved 100%.

 Is there any difference between Emus4U & AppValley?

  • Basically, there is no difference between Emus4U and the AppValley because these both are the alternative versions of the App Store. The only difference is that they have different User Interface, some apps are not available in one store so they can be downloaded from another.

What is the best Emulator for console games in Emus4U?

  • Famous Emulator for which most people download this Store is the GBA4iOS. It is one of the most popular Gaming consoles which should be great for gaming lovers. Now it will allow you to play your favourite console games from Nintendo & GBA in your iPhone.

Can I download Emus4u on my Android Phone?

  • Currently, you cannot download it on your Android phone because the developer hasn’t launched or announced any news regarding Android compatibility. But don’t be sad because there is another App Store is available for Android which is named as AC Market.

It works almost the same as the Emus4U and also it doesn’t require to Root (Jailbreak name for Android) your phone. You can get thousands of modded games and plus plus applications as well so go and check it out.

Are Emus4u Available for the Computer?

  • To use this in your Computer you have to install an Android emulator which allow you to run these types of Apps easily. After this download the AC Market and install it now you can run all these tweaked apps and mod games in your computer

Do I need to jailbreak my iPhone?

  • No, the jailbreak is not required for this so you can easily run it on any device easily.

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