How To Install MovieBox On Emus4U – Complete Step By Step Guide

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MovieBox is one of the best iOS application which allows you to live stream movies, series, dramas, and music as well. Now, most people don’t know that how to install MovieBox on Emus4U. It is an alternative version of the official iTunes Store which helps in downloading third-party apps which are banned from the official version. For example, it helps in downloading the tweaked apps, ++ apps, modified games, Emulators and paid applications free of cost.

If you want to learn more about this Tweaked Store you can read it here. Emus4U Download For iOS

Because our topic today is on the installation of MovieBox by using a third-party Store. So, read the below guide to understand how you can install it in the correct way.

Install MovieBox on Emus4U

MovieBox is the best application to watch movies, shows, drams and other types of live streaming on it. This application is banned on the iTunes Store because they think it violates the privacy of Apple. But don’t worry, here is the best solution to get it without jailbreak your device.

1. First, you need to download the Emus4U in your iOS device by following this link: Emus4U Download For iOS, Android & PC.

2. After this you will be asked to install the certificate; otherwise, the app won’t work correctly, and you will face Blank Screen error. So, here is the full guide to installing Emus4U on iPhone/iPad or iPod which you need to follow: How to Use Emus4U in iOS Device.

3. Ok, so now simply launch the EMUS4U and then go to Streaming applications category to download MovieBox or directly search this in Search Box.

4. After this just tap on getting and within some time, the app will be downloaded in your phone. But wait you cannot still use it because you will be asked to install certificate so move to the 5th step.

5. Now after downloading the MovieBox open your mobile phone settings and scroll down to General. Tap on General and scroll down to Profile & Device Management.

6. From here scroll down and look for the MovieBox certificate and tap on Install. It will ask you for passcode just enter the passcode which you are using and again tap on Install.

That’s it now go back to the Home Screen and then launch MovieBox and enjoy streaming thousands of movies, songs, videos and drams online.

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