How To Uninstall Emus4U From iPhone

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Emus4U is the best alternative to use and get the tweaked and modded applications but if you have download all apps which you want and now want to know how to uninstall Emus4U from your iPhone device. Then you should stick with me in this article because this is the topic of today’s guide.

In this guide, you will all the possible methods to completely remove this Store from your phone. Basically, it is an alternative version of the App Store which is used to download the Tweaked, ++, Paid and other apps free. Even you can get the modded games & emulators to run other platform software to your iPhone.

Since it is the only best App Store even that some people use to uninstall it. The reason should be that they have downloaded all the apps which they want or they don’t want to go with an alternative version. Because some individuals have said that this Store steal their personal data which are basically only rumours and there is no truth in it.

Why Uninstall Emus4U

Uninstall Emus4U

If I suggest you personally than I would like to say that don’t uninstall this Store. I am saying this because I am personally using it and I haven’t face any problem till now. As it doesn’t require jailbreak this way you can save your mobile phone’s warranty.

But even though if you still afraid data your data may leak, your phone may damage or other then here I am going to discuss some possible ways to uninstall Emus4u from your device. All the methods are working so if any method may not work then you can move to another one.

Ok so let’s move to the guide:

Method 1: Uninstall From Home Screen

This is the easiest method which you have almost used in your daily life so to perform this you need to tap & hold the Emus4U icon until the icon jiggles. Now you will see there is a cross mark (x) appears on the left side above of the icon so tap on it. It will then ask you for the permission so simply tap Yes and it will be removed from your phone instantly.

Method 2: Remove Profile

It is another best solution to uninstall Emus4U from your phone. So, to perform this you need to follow the steps which are given below:

1. Open your home screen and then go to your mobile phone Settings.

2. After this scroll down and find the General and then go to the Profile & Device Management

3. Here you will find all the profiles which are installed in your phone so find the Emus4U Profile and then tap on Uninstall.

4. It will ask you for the Passcode enter this and again tap on uninstall.

5. After this you will see Profile Removed toast notification, so go back to the home screen and you will see there is no Emus4U icon.

Method 3: Restore to Factory Settings

In this method, you have to restore your mobile phone to the factory settings. This means that your phone will look like new and all the installed apps or the data will be removed as you perform Factory Reset.

Note: Please make sure to Backup your data before performing this otherwise you will lose all your personal files.

1. First make your to disable the Passcode, Fingerprint or other security if you are using. Also, don’t forget to turn off Find My Phone as well and then you need to move the 2nd step.

2. So now you need to download the latest version of iTunes and install it on your computer. Now open iTunes and then connect your phone with PC.

3. When you connect the phone you will see a notification asking Trust the computer. Just tap on trust and move to the 4th step.

4. There you will see all the information regarding your phone and on the right side, you notice two option Restore and Backup & Restore.

5. Just tap on restore and it will show you warning ignore it and click Yes. The process will take some time so please be patient and wait until the restore is done.

Your phone may reboot several times during restore so don’t afraid it is still safe. When your phone reboot last time remove it from the computer and then set up your phone. That’s it now you will see there is no certificate installed or even there is no Emus4U icon is at the Home Screen.

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