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Apple is the most famous company which brands are using around the world. They made the iPhone device which is very fast and has the best camera as compared to Android Phones. The operating system which iPhone uses is there own which is known as iOS.

It is the best application but since having many qualities in it there are some cons as well as you cannot change the theme, third-party app installing is restricted and many other things. In previously there was a method available to install third-party apps, customize system UI and other tweaks.

But it requires to have a jailbroken device, so in case if you have a non-jailbroken device then you won’t be able to get these apps. Now after watching this many developers contributed in this and made the alternative versions of App Stores where people can get third-party apps easily.

The Store we are going to discuss named Emus4U it is the best alternative which doesn’t require any jailbreak or any special permission. So, let’s check how you can use this amazing application on your iOS device.

How to Use Emus4U


Since the Emus4U is an App Store for iOS devices which let you download tweaks apps, paid apps, moded games & ++ applications without jailbreak. So, if you don’t know how to use this amazing application then here is the complete guide which you need to follow.

1. Make sure you are using the Safari Web Browser because if you are using any third-party browser then you will face an error. So, first of all, open the Safari Web Browser and then open this guide there.

2. Now click on the download button below and you will see it asks for permission to download Emus4U configuration files so tap on Yes and it will be downloaded within some time.

3. After this, you need to allow unknown developers to run this application if you don’t do this you will face white screen error.

4. Ok, so open your mobile phone settings and scroll down to General and then open Profile & Device Management.

5. From here look for the Emus4U developer certificate and tap on install. It will ask you for the passcode so enter this and then it again tap on install.

Now go back to the home screen and here you will see the Emus4U icon so tap on it. It will then open and you see some recent apps there so if you like any of the app just tap on getting. Also, you can search for your desired application in the search box and then tap on getting to download.

Note: Every time you download a new application make sure to install the developer certificate as mentioned above. If you don’t do this you will face unknown developer issue and might face a blank screen and other types of issues.

Download Emus4U

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