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So, basically many people don’t know about this App and they keep asking the same question What Emus4U App? If you are one of them who has the same question then you land at the right place :D. Because in today’s guide we will discuss on this Application and will tell you my personal opinion on it.

So it is considered as the alternative version of the iTunes App Store which you can use to download apps & games. Now you will be thinking if it is like the same store where you get the app & game then why should I download this? Correct, but you are wrong because it is not same as the official one.

As you know that there are many restrictions you face on the iTunes Store like you cannot download Mod games, Some apps are restricted in your country, or the modified version of Social Media and so on. Now with the help of an alternative version of App Store, you will get all these apps without facing any issue. Even though the best thing is that you can get premium games & apps totally free.

Why Use Emus4U



Why Use Emus4USo there are many reasons to use an alternative version over the official one. Some of these I will discuss here so you can understand why people use it over the iTunes Store.

Every old user knows that in the iOS 11 you need to jailbreak your device and then you can do whatever you want in your device.

For example, customize its layout change theme, icon, install third-party applications, ++ & modded games as well.

After the iOS 12 update, everything changed and Apple Company updates its security patches and adds more security so no one can jailbreak their phone.

In this way, the developers have developed these types of alternative which you can use to get the taste of the jailbroken device in a non-jailbroken device.

So, now you can get the tweaked applications, modded games, premium apps, ++ Social Media apps, Emulators and many other things as well. It doesn’t require any Cydia or jailbreak to run you can use it from the iOS 9 to any iOS 12 or above device. Even though it doesn’t require an account to be created so if you don’t have an Apple account don’t worry still you can get the apps.

How to Install Emus4U App in iOS

How to Install Emus4U App in iOS


If you are wondering what the installation must be very difficult then you are wrong. It is very easy and the simple you don’t even need any computer or Mac for this. That’s why I am providing you with the complete step by step guide which you can use to install it on your iPhone.

Ok so here are the steps:

1. First of all, open this link and Download Emus4U Config File from the button given there. Please make sure to open the link from Safari otherwise file may not download correctly or face some errors.

2. After you tap on the Download button it will then ask you for the permission so just tap on Yes

3. Wait until the file downloaded completely and later it will then tell you that profile is downloaded successfully so tap on close.

4. After that, you need to press the home button and go to the home screen. From home screen open the settings and scroll down to General.

5. Now simply search for the Device & Profile Management and here you will find the certificate of Emus4U App. So now tap on the Trust button and then it will ask you for the passcode enter it and again tap on Install.

6. When you see profile installed successfully close Settings and in the home screen look for the Emus4U icon.

That’s it you will see that the Emus4U is now successfully installed on your iOS device now you can use it as a normal application. You won’t face any problem if you follow all the steps carefully so please make sure to read the steps twice.

Final Words

I would like to say that the Emus4U App is the best App Store which almost everyone should have. Because it provides you with soo many features and makes you feel like you have a jailbroken device. Also, as it doesn’t require jailbreak this means that you don’t even have to void your phone’s warranty.

There are many other alternatives which are available to download, for example, AppValley, TweakBox, TuTu App and so on. You can even use these if you want to because these apps may include those which you cannot find in the Emus4U.

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